Personal Injury

BIKE ACCIDENTS- Mr. Reding is a frequent bike rider and understands the extent of a bicycle injury and the severe adverse effects that can happen in a person’s life due to a bike injury. Mr. Reding can provide fair and just compensation to our cyclists’ clients due to another person’s negligence.

BUS ACCIDENTS- Bus accidents include accidents on a city bus, school bus, touring bus, casino bus and any other type of accident on a commercial bus. Bus accidents can leave injuries that may last a lifetime. Without skilled legal advice a victim may miss important deadlines that bar you from filing a claim or the insurance may take advantage of the victim and prevent you from the compensation you deserve.

CAR ACCIDENTS- As a military soldier and combat medic, Richard Reding has been a first responder to many situations involving significant personal injuries and has had firsthand experience in this area. This gives the client an attorney with more valuable insight in these situations.

MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENTS- Motorcycle are at great risk and more so than any other vehicles, even small accidents on a motorcycle can result in grave or serious injuries to bikers and their passengers. It is important to utilize a skilled attorney to receive the compensation that each client deserves.

TRAIN ACCIDENT- Trains and train accidents can result in devastating injuries to people in on or around the train. These types of cases typically involve complex issues and needs and a skilled attorney to represent you. We treat all clients on an individual basis. We strive to give every client the personalized attention they deserve in order to succeed in your case.

TRUCKS- Being involved in a crash with a commercial vehicle can be a terrifying experience and the Reding law Firm is ready to help you take on the commercial insurance companies and their attorneys to get you compensation for your damages. Without working with a personal injury lawyer with experience in this field it can feel like you are fighting an uphill battle to get fairly compensated.

WRONGFUL DEATH- Some accidents or injuries are extremely devastating and can even result in the death of a loved one. Its true that no amount of money can bring your loved one back, but the Reding Law Firm will help fight to get the compensation you deserve for tragic loss. We will fight so not personally liable financially for the actions of someone else.

VICTIMS OF ASSULT- If you have been assaulted in Colorado, our personal injury attorneys are here to fight for you so you will receive the compensation you deserve. We will discuss the specifics of your assault including the injuries sustained and help you through this difficult time. The Reding Law Firm recognizes the impacts an individual sustains from an assault, including the emotional trauma, fear, and anxiety that a victim must navigate. We are prepared to make sure that the insurance company answers for their clients’ actions.

BAD FAITH INSURANCE- It is believed by many that each insurance company will thoroughly investigate each claim and provide a settlement that will cover all costs, often times this is not true. Insurance companies will enter in negotiations with the intent to offer a settlement that is less adequate to cover the financial needs of the victim. This is known as negotiating in bad faith, if an insurer is proven guilty of this charge they can be punished with considerable fines. The Reding Law Firm is committed to providing our clients with the legal experience that is required to help each client understand their options in moving forward. The Reding Law Firm will continue to stand up for injured victims in Court and any negotiations as long as we are needed.