Ashley B

Nobody looks forward to being in a situation where they need an attorney. I am no exception to that! However, I have been forced to use Richard on two separate occasions. I felt obligated to come here and give him a bit of praise after the second case. Both cases went our way but the second was rough and was almost lost at a couple points due to mistakes on my part. He was able to not only get us over my mistakes but turn it and show the truth anyway! It is never fun having to fork out money for an attorney, but I'll never go into court without him again! It would've been far more expensive with him on the sideline. Plus, he always made sure we were ready for whatever might be thrown at us and was able to think on his feet in the heat of the moment when it looked to me like we might lose. Nothing is better than walking into a situation like that knowing a guy like him has my back. Thank you, sir! I don't ever want to do it again but I won't be doing it without you if I do! -

I never thought I'd be in a situation where I would ever need an attorney, Richard Reding is compassionate, hard-working, very detailed oriented, and also realistic, he doesn't bull hockey you and he works hard for his clients inside and outside of the courtroom, I am very pleased with the work Richard has done for me. His staff is very helpful, responsive, and helpful. Thank you, Mr. Reding .


crystal l.

The Reding Law Firm helped our family during a stressful and emotional time. Mr. Reding is a down to earth straight forward attorney. He will not sugar coat the truth good or bad. We were grateful to have him on our side representing us.


Autumn J.

GREAT people to deal with. Very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend this Law firm for anyone going through child support or custody issues.


Sharon T.

He is always helpful and is a great attorney. Care about his clients that's for sure.


Esther M.

Amazing law firm


Nick H.

I would trust this man with my life!


Francies B.

Mr. Reding is very professional, tells you straight if your case has a good chance at what your asking. He is a very good lawyer. I would never do this on my own again. Mr. Reding will be my go to lawyer when I need one. He is friendly and easy going. His office staff is amazing as well. I recommend him 100%.


Dan G.

I'm so grateful to have chosen Mr. Reding over all the other attorney's. His knowledge of the law is unsurpassed, and he knows how to file all the right paperwork in a timely manner so my case had the best chance for success. Mr. Reding is very loyal, informative, and gives you the facts to enable you to make the right decision. Mr. Reding also represented me at the Court of Appeals his argument resulted in the reversal of an unfair ruling from a lower court judge. I'm very grateful to have taken his expert legal advice in my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Reding to anyone who needs legal representation.